Inside Nollywood, organizers of INSIDE NOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL AND WARDS in Africais now accepting submissions for the maiden Film Festival and Awards. The Festival and Awards is widely known throughout the globe for its reputation in rewarding the brilliance of players in the African movie industry.

The Inside Nollywood invites filmmakers to submit their feature, short, documentary works for consideration in nearly 30 film categories of the awards. This submission is opened to only films produced and released between January 2019 and October 5th, 2021 (last day of submission).

To register, Log on to www.insidenollywood.org




Inside Nollywood Film festival and awards is a platform created to celebrate and encourage creative individuals in film entertainment industry. It also creates platform where filmmakers all over the world, especially Africans meets and share ideas.

Africanfuturism: This projects what the young Africans can do for African’s society. The primary work of the entertainment industry is to protect from a theoretic form of civilization and science. The festival will project the Africanjujuism application of African science, viz; the act, divination, astrology, medical application, defense application of African science which is a combination of herbalism, geology, and summoning. The festival is designed primarily to focus on projecting those sciences and become the next hub of evolving society. In all we will also appreciate a positive projection of the traditional African social system and its abounding advantages. Inside Nollywood Film festival is designed to project the positive component of the African society (Original Africans)

Inside Nollywood also aims to re-establish Africa’s significance as the original birth home of civilization and indeed the last frontier for unique film stories and content.


The theme of this year’s Film Festival is “Reawakening our cultural values through motion picture” it’s a theme that draws on the principle of creating original African contents. Being African is a bond that goes beyond geography, birth or lineage; as people of African origin are spread across the globe and Africa is also a proud home to many non-Africans.

Film is a powerful platform that is better able to attract and engage people in constructive activity and providing enjoyment, enlivening spaces and enriching lives. It also makes a practical contribution in terms of sustainability, providing employment, encouraging learning and inspiring people to adopt creative and active lifestyles. The Inside Nollywood Film Festival deliberately commits to the ideals of empowerment and creative engagement. Through its investment in the development of local creative talents, it keeps faith with the next generation, potential abound throughout the continent.

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