Dremo Xperience Tour

Dremo Xperience Tour
Dremo Xperience Tour

Concert Review: Dremo Xperience Tour Sets Ibadan Ablaze to an Explosive Showcase

Ibadan, the western hemisphere, on a crisp October night, the stage was set for an unforgettable musical odyssey – the Ibadan leg of the Dremo Xperience Tour. As the moon cast its enchanting glow upon Adeline Hall, music aficionados from far and wide converged to witness a sonic spectacle that would soon etch itself into the annals of concert history in Ibadan.

Dremo’s tour made its stop at the Adeline Hall in Ibadan on Sunday night. Matching his suave and eccentric sound as an artist, he donned the stage, opening up with his widely – acclaimed single tributing the late afrobeats legend ‘Fela’. One of the songs of the night was also “Mind” featuring the Davido and the DMW crew which had the crowd singing along with every note while video, lights and pyrotechnics made the Adeline Hall look like a festival ground.

But what truly catapulted this night beyond the realm of ordinary gigs was the meticulous artistry of the Jam City Live Production team. Victor Iyanam, Kolade Balogun, James Oviawheme, Timilehin Atunbi, Margaret Seyifunmi, and Oluwadamilola Atunbi masterfully orchestrated a symphony of concert production, transforming Adeline Hall into an ethereal sanctuary of music and creativity
From the moment the doors swung open, it was evident that this was no ordinary concert.

The foyer was a musical dreamscape, where attendees were greeted by kinetic art installations that responded to the rhythm of their heartbeats, setting the tone for an experiential journey that awaited within. This melding of technology and aesthetics was a testament to the visionary work of the production team, with James Oviawheme and Oluwadamilola Atunbi at the helm.

Stepping into the main hall was akin to crossing the threshold into a parallel universe. Victor Iyanam’s mastery of stage design was on full display, with a multi-dimensional set that seamlessly shifted from moody atmospheres to vibrant landscapes as the night progressed.

The convergence of lights, lasers, and projections created an immersive tapestry that mirrored the kaleidoscopic range of Dremo’s music.

Kolade Balogun and Oluwadamilola Atunbi‘s brilliance shone in the seamless transitions between sets, where interludes morphed into fully-fledged immersive experiences. These moments of sonic exploration allowed concert-goers to not only witness the music but to truly feel it in their bones.

As one set dissolved into the next, the audience was enveloped in an unbroken sonic cocoon, a testament to the meticulous planning that had gone into the event’s pacing.

The headliner, Dremo, who truly personified the Xperience. His magnetic presence illuminated the stage as he effortlessly flowed between tracks that resonated with the audience’s heartbeats.

Damilola and Timilehin Atunbi’s’s stage design transformed with each song, encapsulating the mood and message of every note. This synergy between artist and environment was a testament to the production team’s commitment to turning music into an all-encompassing journey.

And oh, the performances themselves! the meticulous organization ensured that every artist was in the spotlight at the perfect moment. The lineup was as diverse as it was electrifying, featuring emerging talents and established stars alike. From soulful afrobeat crooners to high-energy hip-hop acts, to the DMW crew. the stage was a playground where genres collided and collided in harmonious chaos.

Dremo really utilized the concert as a platform for new talent. Before his set, famous Ibadan born Afrobeat singer Postly TD took the stage to perform his new single, “Peace of Mind,” and midway through the concert, Dremo took a brief intermission to welcome rising Ibadan star also; Ichaba to perform his viral hit “Kilode” featuring Al Ghalib, who lit up the energy and scenes in the audience.

This concert had an electric atmosphere right from the outset and because of his large fanbase, the crowd made it 10x better. The band were a great addition as their melodic & soothing instruments went well with Dremo’s vocals and complimented each other on stage nicely, without the band being too much of a distraction and it created a seamless balance.

I don’t think any individual was left disappointed as he sang fan favourites but also treated us to his new singles, with the stage production making it feel like an intimate affair.

As the final notes reverberated through Adeline Hall and the echoes of the night lingered, it was clear that the Dremo Xperience Tour was a triumph of creative concert production.

Victor Iyanam, Kolade Balogun, James Oviawheme, Timilehin Atunbi, Margaret Seyifunmi, and Oluwadamilola Atunbi had not only curated a remarkable event; they had continued to etch their names into the annals of live music magic in Nigeria.

In a world of fleeting moments, the Dremo Xperience Tour was a masterpiece woven by the hands of visionary production managers. It wasn’t just a concert; it was a symphony of sight, sound, and soul that left an indelible mark on Ibadan’s musical landscape.

We give the Dremo Xperience Tour:


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