Meet my 5 most supportive fans that Doesn’t hesitate to help me whenever I call for help – Rapper Koeasy

Popular rapper, Koeasy is overwhelmed following the kind and drastic response he receives whenever he reach out to his friends and fans for help.

He decided to give a big shout-out to his most five supportive friends who doesn’t hesitate a second to help him whenever he is in need. “Each time I made my needs public on status, they reply with send your aza and immediately make a transaction,” he said.

See photos of them below

1. Micheal King

2. Khing Solokwe

3.  Official Pato

4. Eric Henry Obinna

5.  Chris Silver

Last night after he called out people names on his status for help including the five of them, he got credited with a huge amount  of money some minutes later by Micheal Khing and others.

Now, Koeasy goes about bragging about his supportive fans. And that comes to this question….

Does it mean that rapper Koeasy only recognizes fans that request his aza whenever he is in need?  Forgetting others who can’t but try as much as possible to keep reposting his works…


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  1. All Thanks To God Brother ❤️

    More Grace❤️💪🙏

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