Jagun Jagun Part 2 Release Date Revealed by Femi Adebayo (Download)

Jagun Jagun Part 2
Jagun Jagun Part 2

Popular Nigerian Nollywood actor, Femi Adebayo officially announces that the part two (2) of his latest viral movie “Jagun Jagun” will be out as soon as possible.


Jagun Jagun is the tale of a young man who enlisted in an elite army with the goal of becoming a formidable warrior and how he came into contact with the ferocious love and rage of a warlord.

Femi, the son of renowned Nigerian actor Adebayo Salami, well known by his stage name Oga Bello, spoke to journalists about the experience of making the movie and provided assurance to the audience that Jagun Jagun part 2 would be released.

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He said that Oyo, Oyo State, which serves as both the geographical and physical backdrop of the movie, is where it was shot over the course of 45 days.

Adebayo also mentioned that the actors and crew started preparing three months before the film’s shooting, and he included tales of injuries and tragedies that happened while the movie was being filmed.

He claimed that in the opening scene, actor Lateef Adedimeji shattered his leg and broke down in tears, feeling as though his efforts had been in vain because he would be replaced.

He continued by claiming that every structure, including the army academy, was born from nothing.

According to Femi Adebayo, the release of his most recent film, Jagun Jagun part 2, is imminent.

“Though Femi Adebayo came up with the idea, Hakeem Effect is the mind behind the appearance of the Character of AGEMO (the swiftness, the lights, etc.).

“The movie is a message to all Nigerian Youths – nobody is coming to save them if they fail to stand up for themselves like Gbotija and other students did against Ogundiji.

“The movie is well accepted by all. I have the idea of JAGUN JAGUN in place before I produced King of Thieves. I only produced King of Thieves first to test run the market,” Adebayo noted during the interview.



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