21 Dangerous Facts About Fornication [1 Cor. 6 vs 18]

21 FACTS ABOUT FORNICATION [1 Cor. 6 vs. 18]


What is fornication before we talk about the 21 facts about it? It is the act of having sexual relationship with someone you are not married to either by law or religiously. That is the reason it is a shameful sin among others. 1cor. 6 vs. 18 says “Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body.


What does the Bible mean by your body? The totality of our life revolves round family, business, health, life and our future.

Now, these are the facts or truth


1. The name fornication is not good, that is why it is only done in the secret places.


2. Fornication : You cause high B. P to parents when they think about their children shameless life of fornication.


3. Fornication : You cause mothers not to enjoy the fruit of their womb.


4. Fornication : You inculcate anger in the heart of the youth whenever your name is mentioned in the church.


5. Fornication : You behave as if you love honestly but you are cruel and wicked at heart.


6. Fornication : The bitterness in you supersedes the pleasure you offer.


7. Fornication : You shed and dry blood.


8. Fornication : You exchange good to bad blood in less than two seconds.


9. Fornication : You have made girls fi remain spinsters and a cause of infertility in boys.


10. Fornication : Whenever you are remembered in the family it will cause war or fight.


11. Fornication : Cunning and deceitful is your work.


12. Fornication : You have caused the leaders of church and religious leaders to always cry for forgiveness


13. Fornication : You have given child to those who don’t need it and caused those who need it to cry and die for it.


14. Fornication: You have caused girls to always be conscious of month end (menses) instead of being conscious of worshipping God.


15. Fornication : You caused the rich to become poor due to the blood covenant in you.


16. Fornication : You bring abomination and calamity to the family when father lust over daughter, son over mother, sibling over Sibling and cousins over aunts.


17. Fornication : You have numbered the days of men and women and cause them to write down their Will when they were still young due to the incurable diseases/sicknesses that you bring.


18. Fornication : You introduced the new language like (finances, courtship) to Brethren in the church to enable them fornicate.


19. Fornication : You turned women’s womb into burial ground so to cover the shame of unwanted pregnancy.


20. Fornication : If the love of money is the root of all evil fornication is the mother of all evil.


21. Fornication : Don’t be a careful sinner by using condom. It doesn’t protect, flee from fornication!


Finally : I want to inform men of God that they are the shepherds that keep the flock of sheep but whenever you begin to eat from sheep, these are the result effects.


a. Your sheep will begin to fear you.

b. They will disrespect or disobey your orders, you can’t control them anymore.


c. They will feel equal with you.


d. Some of them who are sensitive enough will begin to look for another shepherd (Pastor).


e. They will scatter – Mathew 9 vs. 36, Zechariah 10 vs 2


For some who can’t cope up will die of hunger, meaning, no spiritual food like word of God, healing, breakthrough etc. John 21 vs 15-17.

Lastly : I have a word for those who engage in all manner odlf sexual relationships like: homosexuality, lesbianism, human and animals rape etcetera. They are all insane people. Mad people don’t need advice because their human brains are taken away. Best option is psychiatric treatment or deliverance from God.


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