[TalkUrOwn] I love my husband but he gives me no attention and we hardly have s3x once in a month, Now I have feelings for another man(single) – Your Advice

An anymous woman have written a message requesting for an advice or solution to her problem.


She writes…


“Hide my ID. I am 30years old married for 4years with 1 child, my husband travels alot because of his job, he comes home once or twice in a month, he stays like two days and he will go back to work. The problem is he dowgive me attention at all.


When he’s around he prefers to go out to see his friends and he will come back late and sleep, we don’t even discuss or gist. My marriage is so boring, I cry and complain most times, I even feel bad whenever I see my neighbors with their husband’s. I’m lonely.

I am beautiful and dress well, sometes I will kneel down crying and begging him to spend time with me because he will go back to work the next day., but he will beg me and promise not too long. With the kind of work I do (Real estate) 80% of people I meet are male, engineers, clients, lawyers most of them are in my DM, they really wants to be with me but have been staying faithful, and I love my husband but is like he doesn’t want to change.


We have sex just once in a month, and am okay with it same with him. I feel neglected, I noticed he’s having affair with his married ex with 3 kids and one other girl like that, I saw his chats, he even sent them money I just ignored. Now I met a guy o. I posted a property and he messaged me, presently he’s not in Nigeria but coming back soon, he’s single, 29years. I got an apartment for him he said he wants to date me and I told him I can’t do that, we can only be friends. I told him he should be my companion that I don’t want anything sexual and he agreed.


He gives me attention, calls, chat, we do video calls too all this went on for a month. I woke up to his caht he said he’s having feelings for me and he cannot control it anymore. I called him on video and he asked for nudes and I couldn’t say no cos I already have feelings for him too, we already shared nudes severally, he really care about me though I think he’s taking advantage of me he knows what I lack which is attention and am cool with it bcis I’m getting it from him.

Now he’s coming this week and we already had plans of meeting at the hotel before I take him to the house he paid for. Now I don’t feel anything for my husband again, he neglected me and made me feel I needed to get love elsewhere, I don’t cry or beg him to spend time with me anymore and he did not even notice.


Please how do I manage this situation? 





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