BE SINCERE! Between these two Nnewi big artists “Double Silencer” & “AfroGuy” (Whose pattern of music do you like?)

These two talented and very known artists from Nnewi “Double Silencer” and “Afro guy” has helped in some ways in making entertainment more of what it was here in Nnewi.

Double Silencer dropped his hit song “Hustler” in 2019 and later on he decided to feature King of leg work “Zlatan” for the Remix. Which was released in 2020. He dropped another hit same year, 2020 titled “Street Prayer” which is still on trend.

AfroGuy is a talented Afro pop singer who’s been working to help reform the ethics and ways of Africans. His songs are always at the core of thinking deep before you can be able to understand the lyrics well. Listen to “Ijele” by AfroGuy.

As a fan, whose pattern of music do you like?

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