Amongst These 8 (Male) Artists from Nnewi To The World Track, ‘Who Did The Best Verse’

The 1k Subscription Giveaway today comes from this street (Nnewi) anthem produced by the Nnewi Hood Cypher group.

YOU ARE EXPECTED TO CHOOSE THE BEST ARTIST WITH THE BEST VERSE AMONGST THE 8 MALE ARTISTS (Ruffdreadzy  Vibe, Cmp, Koeasy, Flinks, Somval, Rex, Nomark) To win! Do make sure you follow the simple and easy steps below. 


1. Make sure you have listened to the Nnewi to the world track for you to be among the winners. If NO, download and listen throgh here .  NNEWI TO THE WORLD SONG MP3


2. Choose the artists with the best verse.


3. Write a short lyrics from the verse and THAT’S It!


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    1. Koeasy

      Anaedo thats where we come from we don’t decieve and mehn mu adiro eme political and devine deciet

    2. I pledge to anaedo ebe mu si abia
      Though life wasn’t easy na mu toru na aba 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      A.k.a koeasy to the world mehn

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