How to do money ritual without human blood | Effects

There has been numerous reports of killings for money ritual going about in the country. This is because many young people channel their energy in making money quick so they can acquire what they desire.

Money ritual

In quest for too much money, many of them kills for money ritual and that is absolutely wrong and unacceptable because you will definitely pay for it if you are caught.

Money ritual is an unconscious habit that has been passed down from generation to generation over the years. It was done by our ancestors to make sure they have enough money for their needs. Some of us may even do it today, just because we want more and more money. However, if you’re too obsessed with your finances, then there will always be problems

Here are some ways to make money ritual without using human blood,

  1. By using animals

  2. By using food items

  3. By using beads

  4. By giving arms to the poor

  5. Through prayers and hardworking.

In some cases, many are not favoured after they are told to use animal or whatever but the greatest money ritual is hard work and dedication.

Making money quick is not always that simple because many herbalist and babalawo won’t tell you the real effect of the money ritual until you are affected and that’s as a result of how desperate you are to make money.

What are the effects of money ritual?

There is always a negative effect of getting rich quick schemes especially when you involve in the dirty aspect.

The effect of money ritual is numerous but depends on how you did it.

What can I do to stop money ritual?

If you are into the act of money ritual and want to put an end to it what you need to do is,

  1. Stay away from friends that influences you.

  2. Meet a spiritual director for prayers

  3. Get a job or work

Money rituals can be fun, but they also come at a price. If you are not careful, these habits can cause problems later in life.

The consequences of money ritual  is has been revealed.  Read here



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