BREAKING: One of the alleged killer Of Sag, The Popular Cloth Dealer In Nnewi Has Been Caught

The death of popular cloth dealer in Nnewi better known as Sag from Ihiala, Anambra State who was allegedly murdered on the night of August 21, 2022 is yet uncertain and under investigation as one of the culprit has been apprehended today.

We received a report today that one of the culprit who was involved in the death of Sag was caught today at Enugu. His name is Ebuka.

Who’s Ebuka?

He is the deceased cousin who was brought to Nnewi from their hometown Ihiala, he was trained by him and gave him a branch to stay.

How Ebuka was caught

After the alleged murder of Sag, the well known cloth dealer in Nnewi, friends and relatives had to do some underground investigation because his death was fishy and undefined.

On that note, they arraigned every close friend of Sag, literally those who were suspected to know what happened and took them to the village to take an oath (i.e to clear their innocence and prove not guilty).


They were taken to Enugu State for the oath taking and swearing.

Report has it that, amongst all who went in for the oath taking only Ebuka couldn’t come out. He was trapped and held by the oath. The oath is meant to trap the guilty ones and he was the only one trapped.


The angry friends and relatives of the deceased has gone to their village at Ihiala to burn down Ebuka’s house and properties and certainly bringing him back to Nnewi for more thorough investigations.



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