A baby child is found dead in a dustbin at Nnewi


A tender baby child has been reported dead in a dustbin disposal located at Nnewi, Anambra State. This report came in this morning from someone who is worker at the waste disposal area.

As it is being described by him, the child was unharmed or wounded but definitely was left in that carton alive to die. The child has been in the carton for two or three days ago from the situation of the body not yet decaying.

This is what someone said about the heartless person that has done such an evil deed.

Our God is too merciful to spare the life of the idiot that committed this level of wickedness. A dead baby found inside Dustin in Nnewi this morning. What some people seek with tears others reject. This life no balance at all. 😭😭😭

May his soul rest in peace….

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