SAD: A 3years old boy has been kidnapped in Obiagu Uruagu Nnewi

A sad and undone incident happened yesterday evening around 6pm in Obiagu Uruagu Nnewi. A 3-4 years old boy from the family of Mr. Pius Meka by name Chibuike Meka as kidnapped by two able bike men.

On the basis of what his siblings said, “We went to our block rosary center and there was nobody there so we decided to wait for them to arrive. On waiting, the boy skipped outside playing under a mango tree just near the center while we were inside. At a very drift moment, two men stopped by him and took him off with bike”, they said.

This boy is testified to being an obedient child everyone knows about. At the block rosary center, they held a prayer section for the child’s release whereever he is.

   The boy parents has been in pains since the incidence occurred. And they are pleading for help from individuals and security agents in Uruagu and Nnewi as a whole to put hands together in finding the whereabouts of the boy.

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