Remember The Trended Video in Nnewi Last Year? The Accomplice Has Been Disclosed. See details

A video which happened to be made by an individual or group per say that trended in Nnewi Last year that gave a full record of the discreet runs girls and boys. This video in quote was made in the month of October, 2021.

Many said known big ladies and guys happens to be the cheap and deadly gamers around the Nnewi town as the video depicted. Many of their sex tapes was exposed in the video, while majority was their pictures and communications (chats).

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Ever since the release of the trended video in Nnewi, many kept searching while some were wondering the person / group of persons behind the video. Some people claimed it was a scandalous manipulation from their rivals while many claimed it is true.

The individual persons involved or disclosed in the video kept silent while some were seriously hurt and vowed to investigate to know who or those that made the video.

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THE PERSON OR GROUP OF PERSONS BEHIND THIS VIDEO HAS NOT YET BEEN CLARIFIED AND JUSTIFIED. The press are working on that to give an accurate and justifiable result.


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