My 7 husbands can’t cheat on me. I built them a house each and visit them anytime to have s*x – Traditionalist

A video of a polyandrous woman married to seven husbands is making rounds on social media.

The woman who is a traditional healer, is living in peace with her husbands. She claims she does not cut her hair as was the case of Biblical Samson, because her power emanate from the hair.

When asked why she married seven husbands she said “I didn’t do it of my will. I was commanded by the elders. It was an order from them and that’s when I was given superpowers.


The elders told me to produce more children from my husbands and I musn’t have more than one child from one  man hence the reason why I married more than six husbands. It was strange to me but I had to comply else I’ll be seriously punished”, she said.


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