(EP) Tems — “If Orange Was A Place”

Ep: Tems — If Orange Was A Place

Full (EP) Songs Download Tems — If Orange Was A Place

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Tems releases her second studio project titled “If Orange Was A Place”


The new project is a 5 tracks extended play which features American singer and songwriter, Brent Faiyaz.

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Production credits for the EP goes to Guilybeatz and Jonah Christian.

Through its five tracks, If Orange Was a Place creates ample space for Tems’ distinctive voice to shine as she navigates through themes of finding inner peace and staying true to self. “Orange is a vibe,” she explains. “It is the feeling of sunset and the sweetness of an orange. And when I think of those songs, I am transported to a different place where everything is warm and sweet.”



Listen below

1. Crazy Tings

This song was inspired by the crazy amazing things that have been going on in my life, and it was made in Ghana. The beat was played to me by GuiltyBeatz and I was surrounded by orange light and alcohol. The vibes just flowed in afterwards.”

2. Replay

This song was just my rebel side coming out. Again, this was just me expressing my thoughts on opinions and all types of energies I encounter. It’s me reiterating who I am. The song was produced by Jonah Christian.”

3. Avoid Things

“I am someone who doesn’t like unnecessary disputes that lead nowhere, and ‘Avoid Things’ is about my [desire] to provide solutions, but being met with resistance, madness and crazy things.”

4. Vibe Out

‘Vibe Out’ is the setting of the sun and getting prepared to move. It is what I call the ‘ginger’ and the burst of dance…the sunset dance.”

5. Found

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